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Creative content writer/marketer - Exceptional opportunity - Teletravail

HotelAppz - 28/01/2021
Domaine : Marketing - Vente
Référence : Creative content writer / marketer
HotelAppz - Urgent exceptional opportunity for 2 growth marketing student apprenticeships, to be coached by our lead digital marketing guru

HotelAppz is the innovation leader in data and AI driven marketing tech for next gen hospitality and tourism.
We have two dream-job openings for marketing and communications students, under the French "Apprentissage" status (student friendly employment contract).
Location - We have offices in Paris and Lisbon but the the rest is up to you (see below). Could be anywhere in France, Portugal or in between really.
(Note: School fees are usually paid /subsidized by the French Professional Training system (OPCO).
Apply now. We need to sign a contract before 15/2/2021.
Only two positions open.
You want to become an expert in growth marketing tactics in a vibrant marketing technology startup with a fast growing client base in Asia, Europe and he US? Travel is suffering but it is a 1 trillion+ dollar industry. And travel tech is hot.
In 2020 we grew by 2.5 x despite one of the worse crisis years in travel.
Our clients love our easy, data driven marketing tech that transforms data into immediate customer benefits and revenues.
We are the recovery accelerator for the Hospitality innovators and future leaders in the travel space.
You could be the missing piece in our team.

What you will gain:
> You will be personally coached by our marketing guru Antoine, who has extensive experience in both inspirational and customer focused digital marketing.
> You will become an expert in both marketing tech, emotional marketing strategies and fast growth tactics.
> You will be working directly with our VP of Sales and Partnerships, Todd.
If it works out, you will be able to stay on and join us in an exciting startup adventure.

What the job implies:
> It's an important job. You will make a difference in our company!
> We know where we want to go, but you will be taking us there!
> A great deal of autonomy, but also a lot of coaching and feedback by an experienced team (ex McKinsey, Insead, Polytechnique, Dauphine, etc, all of them atypical or self-taught in their own way).
> Imagining and testing social marketing + direct marketing campaigns and tactics, to drive both lead volumes and conversion.
> We have offices in Paris and Lisbon but do a lot of remote work
> Since there are two job openings, one could be more "creative/writing" focused and the other more "data/campaign" oriented. So feel free to talk with friends and colleagues with whom you might make a good team.

What we need you to be:
> At ease in writing punchy, imaginative posts, blog articles, and ad copy
> Fluency in English (written and spoken); French, Chinese, Arabic or German are a plus
> Capable of disagreeing, but always proposing an alternative
> An "outside the box" thinker, with a hacker attitude
> Humourous, even be a bit cheeky
> Driven by results, frustrated and persevering when you don't get them
> Thirsty for learning and experimenting
> At ease with data (spreadsheets, google analytics, etc), to measure results, KPIs
> Happy in a multicultural, fast moving environment

Location - your choice but:
> We have a Paris office inside the prestigious "Welcome City Lab" / Paris and Co", the leading European Travel Innovation and Tech startup accelerator, of which we are a member. This will reopen as Covid restrictions ease up.
> Could be remote, as long as it is with a French Educational institution part of the French "Apprentissage" program (Student friendly 1 year+ work contract), and the school is OK with totally or partly remote learning and work.
> Our offices are in Paris and Lisbon, but you can live anywhere you want in France. You would have to come to Paris on occasion, but we are doing a lot of remote work (and many conf calls

Télétravail : Possible

Compétences : Writing english marketing research SEO SEA growt tactics

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